Forest Spa

The healing effects of cold water, well known already by the ancient Romans, were rediscovered and described by two most important pioneers of water treatment: Vincenz Priessnitz native of Jeseník and Sebastian Kneipp, the German priest. Water therapy was quickly popular all over the word for its availibility and efficacy. It used to be applied in everyday live mainly as compresses or packs.

Come and have a try at wholesome effects of water in our natural water-treatment area Forest spa. Human body answers very positively the regular undergoing of water therapy: heart activity improves, imunity and infection resistance grows, some pains are reduced.

Forest spa is situated directly in the garden of Montanus apartments. It is on disposal to the guests of apartments as well as the cottage.

We are happy to provide you water treatment in its most natural form: cold brook water, whose temperature does not overstep 10 °C even during the hottest days of the year. We prepared for you several procedures: stork-walk, arm bad, pouring of limbs, nape and the whole body, Priessnitz´s seat and massage path. All these procedures can be interspersed by the stay on sunny terasse and by active warming of the body.

Let´s go ahead and get started :-)